Indie Video Game Showcases

Market research to understand stakeholders & design go-to-market business strategy


The gaming industry is a very fast-paced and highly competitive sector. Developers look for concept testing avenues while gamers want to enjoy unique games. This is what our client provides.

Our client brings both indie game developers and gamers together in a single room. The challenge was to build a go-to-market strategy which will benefit both the stakeholders as well as create long term profitability.  


Key Questions Addressed

1. Who are the key relevant stakeholders in the industry?

2. What is the industry and our clients potential for growth?

3. Which design elements will ensure short and long term success?




Industry and trend analysis

Competitive scenario analysis


Our netnography and research allowed the client to identify all relevant key stakeholders.  Ivory helped the client to design services according to market demand with a long term revenue objective in mind. 

service categories recommended
pricing models developed
social event features identified
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