A Tech Company

Analyzing competitive scenario & customer needs for marketing & sales strategy


New technologies in contact tracing are emerging faster than ever because of the evolving environment we all find ourselves in. Providing cutting edge solutions with simplicity is a challenge being faced by every tech company.

Our client has a patented contact tracing technology targeted to governments and businesses. The client wanted to better understand the key features that people and governments care about.


Key Questions Addressed

1. What are the key features that the government and users want from the solution?

2. How is the competitive scenario and what are the external factors?

3. How can the company stand out through marketing and sales efforts?




Keyword research

Industry & trend analysis

Competitive scenario analysis

Website and social media audit


Our client was able to pinpoint key features that needed to be communicated to stakeholders.  Ivory helped the client to design effective marketing and sales strategies to stand out in the highly competitive market and generate high volume leads. 

key features identified for marketing and sales
successful connections with governments
digital user journey touch points created
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