A Fitness Company

Increasing leads by understanding customer demand & Identifying Unique Pain Points


Personal fitness trainers work with a niche customer segment. This market is highly competitive as there are institutional and individual service providers in high quantity and quality.

Our client is a highly qualified muscle activation specialist based in Toronto, Canada. Despite a lot of efforts, he was not getting new leads and the business was stagnant.


Key Questions

1. What is the competitive scenario in the fitness industry in Toronto?

2. Does the client have any untapped business opportunities that leverage his specialization?

3. How can the client reach potential customers, convey his specific messaging, and get more leads?



Keyword analysis & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Netnography & industry analysis

Customer satisfaction survey

Paid & organic social ads

Influencer marketing

Our client was able to better understand the competitive market and designed a long term customer acquisition strategy.  Ivory helped the company target new customer segments, along with significantly higher lead generation. 

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increased lead generation through proper targeting
untapped customer segment leveraging his specialization identified
business processes redesigned for improved communication
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