A Restaurant

Revitalizing an old restaurant brand through market Trend Research & Internal Analysis


The restaurant business can be very costly and challenging, especially when it’s also a dance venue. A successful brand in this space needs to stay relevant as competitors increase and provide services customers can appreciate as new and unique every time they visit.

Our client is an old name in the industry located in downtown Toronto, Canada. The client is well established but has been seeing a decline in foot traffic recently. They wanted to understand external and internal factors to redesign its customer experience and bring back the vibrant crowds from days past.


Key Questions

1. What are the external factors driving the restaurant business in Toronto?

2. What are the employee and customer satisfaction rates? What do they suggest?

3. How can the client provide new and modern customer experience, while leveraging their iconic brand?



SWOT, internal analysis, and competitor analysis

Website and social media audit

Consumer Satisfaction Survey

Net Promoter Score (NPS)


Our client gained a significant understanding of employee morale and customer satisfaction. Additional external factors that will impact them in the near future were also identified. The client can now redesign its new customer experience journey effectively. 

0 %
of the customers want to be notified about events via social media
major weaknesses have been identified by employees that need immediate action
customer experience touch points have been recommended for re-branding
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