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Market Research

"Without data, you're just another person with an opinion."

- W. Edwards Deming

We use innovative techniques to gain insights and deliver simple, yet highly effective strategies. We are confident in our solutions and back it up with data.

With experience in marketing, business & customer psychology, sales, branding, product design, and strategy. 

We produce evidence based strategies with our deep understanding of internal and external forces that interact with your business daily. Our recommendations help create a sustainable and meaningful brand fit for the digital landscape.




Carlos Rios

Carlos found his passion for market research while pursuing his masters at the Schulich School of Business. Having studied Philosophy & Marketing, and after a long career in sales, he realized that a deeper understanding of what makes people ‘tick’, or what motivates them to act, has a tremendous impact in converting sales, building relationships and making better business decisions.

Philosophy taught him how to ask questions and find perspectives others often miss, while market research taught him how to look for answers and find solutions. Market research doesn’t answer the big questions, but it answers questions about consumer behaviour, consumer perception, and industry trends. He has worked with fortune 500 companies such as Gap Inc, Tommy Hilfiger and Saks Fifth Ave, and continues to quench his thirst for curiosity and data to answer his clients burning questions.

Carlos currently sits on the board of the Ontario Grappling Association (OGA), where he advises on marketing, communications and yearly planning for the sport in Ontario. He has been a guest lecturer on entrepreneurship and is a recognized jiujitsu athlete in Toronto. Additional to his studies, Carlos has experience in the music industry, e-commerce space, and social media. He brings to Ivory a wealth of knowledge and perspectives in the areas of digital marketing, market research, social listening, and creative thinking. Feel free to contact him on LinkedIn or Instagram anytime.


Naser Azad

Naser became passionate about customer behavior and data analysis during his undergrad in Business where he majored in Marketing and Finance. He loves the study of consumer psychology regarding buying patterns, customs, and preferences in relation to products or services including customer reactions and preferences to advertising, packaging, and marketing of those products.

After graduation, he started his diversified career in tier-1 CPG companies, such as Nestle, British American Tobacco, and Berger. He gained greater understanding about business through working in Supply Chain, HR, and Marketing for the world’s leading brands. In the meantime, he completed his MBA in Finance. He actively worked to grow global brands through consumer studies and marketing activities. He was part of the first-ever Master of Marketing cohort at Schulich School of Business, York University. While in the program, he co-founded Ivory and now plays a vital role in research design and project execution. He has received multiple awards for innovation and entrepreneurship skills throughout his career.

Naser is an avid fan of the Chelsea Football Club and follows European football regularly. He is also passionate about gardening and traveling. Don’t hesitate to contact him via LinkedIn if you want to discuss market research, sports, traveling, and anything else that interests you.

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Founded in 2019, Ivory Business Solutions Ltd. is a specialized market research firm based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We collect in-depth market insights using the latest technologies so our clients can make evidence-based decisions. 

We take pride in the quality, clarity, and insights we provide for our clients.

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